CITY WALK to host exclusive art installation conceptualised by upcoming Emirati designer

TRUSS.TDubai- CITY WALK, the dynamic outdoor destination by Meraas, has partnered with Dubai Design Week to host a modern art installation designed by young and upcoming Emirati artist Zeinab Al Hashemi. The exceptionally crafted installation can be viewed at the promenade in front of Hummingbird Bakery.

Saleh Al Geziry, Vice President Retail Management & Transactions, Meraas said: “We are extremely excited to host unique art installations at our assets in partnership with the first Dubai Design Week in the region. Dubai Design Week helps to place Dubai on the map as a leading design hub, shining the international spotlight on the city and its exciting design talent. Through its destinations in Dubai, Meraas has built platforms that inspire creativity and showcase art from the region to engage residents and visitors of Dubai. Our endeavour is to make art accessible and promote a culture for artistic appreciation.”

TRUSS.T by Zeinab Al Hashemi

TRUSS.T by Zeinab Al Hashemi

TRUSS.T is inspired partly by the emirate’s graceful and historic Arabic dhow sailing boats, and partly by the city’s constant evolution through transformative construction. The conceptual idea comes from the artist’s search for her story in relation to space and time of the given locations.

Creating abstract shapes made out of aluminium truss and scaffolding poles, the artist applies negative space sculpture to define the object with a construction inspired metal frame. The sail captures a moment of work-in-progress, while the truss symbolises the state of any form or object that has an indelible identity thus crafting a necessary base and core to provide protection and support.

Emirati designer Zeinab Al Hashemi is a conceptual artist, specialising in site specific installations, modern sculpture and public space art. Her ongoing search on the subject of space and time has been invariable throughout her practice. Through this search, Al Hashemi brings to the forefront in her medium what would usually be overlooked.

Rejuvenating Dubai’s oldest residential communities CITY WALK injects freshness through sophisticated concepts and activities. A magnet for friends and families to meet, share experiences and enjoy open spaces, against an urban backdrop, CITY WALK is a chic destination, which will evolve to become a city within a city.

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