Why boast it when you can post it: Best selfie spots in Orange County

Orange County California is home to astonishing amount of attractions and activities perfect for that Instagram or Snapchat worthy selfie. With plenty of theme parks, pristine and heavenly beaches, luxurious shopping centers and rich historical and cultural attractions, there is an array of spot options where you can take that perfect selfie.

Middle Eastern travelers have so much to do while in OC with the exclusive OC&ME card providing huge discounts on shopping and dining to those who book a package from a registered Middle Eastern travel agency. With the selfie trend rapidly growing within the Middle Eastern travelers, we are sure you will have a moment to squeeze in a selfie or two. Hence we have put together a list of top 5 spots and places for you to take a selfie while in Orange County California to leave your friends and followers drooling in envy and awe.

Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay Laguna BeachWhy here? – Exclusive and private. This small beach is the place to take plenty of selfies especially from up top before heading down to the beach. Popular activities are skim boarding, skin and scuba diving, body surfing, body boarding and tide pooling,

Timing – Best time to take a selfie at Crescent Bay would be between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Selfie Tip – Take that selfie from up top (Point Park) and not from the beach and you will have this background, now isn’t this just splendid?

Warning – Be careful while taking a selfie from up top, don’t head to the edge of the cliff

Huntington Beach Pier

Pier 4 Eric LoWhy here? – Stretching 1850 feet into the Pacific Ocean, this Pier is one of the oldest on the West Coast, a true visual delight. The pier is about simple pleasures. Take to the air with a colorful, acrobatic kite from Kite Connection; enjoy the ocean panoramas and delicious burgers at Ruby’s Surf City Diner out on the far tip of the pier

Timing – Sunsets and sunrises are the best times to be here.

Hashtags – #HuntingtonBeachPier #Pier

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Selfie Tip – With the perfect lighting and angle, this will be the best selfie you could possibly have. Also, take the selfie from the beach with the background of the Pier, rather than on the pier.

Warning – Do not walk too close to the edge of the Pier

Ruins of Mission San Juan Capistrano 

Why here? – Almost 240 Years old the Mission San Juan Capistrano was a Spanish mission in colonial Las Californias. Its ruins are located in present-day Orange County. You will find no other ruins as beautiful as these ones for a perfectly rugged but heavenly picture.

Timing – Anytime between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hashtags – #MissionSanJuanCapistrano #Mission #Spanish #ruins #Selfie


Selfie Tip – Finding the perfect background will be slightly difficult but once you do it will surely be worth every picture. A Selfie in front of a brick wall with a few bells like in the picture would be classic. A black and white picture would definitely make it a hit.

Warning – Do not try to climb or head to dangerous areas of the Ruins

Disneyland® Resort 

DCA 1Why here? – The only Disney Park built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney has various attractions to take your selfies at and various characters to take a selfie with. The world renowned theme park will surely keep you wanting a new selfie at every corner of the park.

Timing – The best time to take a selfie here would be either during the broad daylight or in the evening when the park is illuminated with bright lights. A true magical moment not to miss!

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Selfie Tip – Before the numerous selfies that you will take make sure to take one with the Paradise Pier background as per the image, it will leave your followers wishing they were in your shoes.

Warning – As the park is usually brimming with tourists, don’t bump into anyone or block people’s walking path. Also, don’t try to take a selfie while on any of the rides, which could be extremely fatal.

Irvine Spectrum Center

ISCWhy here? – One of Orange County’s most energized shopping experiences that joins together a diverse collection of more than 130 specialty stores, restaurants and entertainment venues. Beautiful courtyards and fountains adorn this vibrant, open-air center making it a wonderful place for tons of selfies

Timing – Best time to take a selfie here would be around evening when the center is lit up and bright.

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Selfie Tip – Take a Selfie outside by the Giant Wheel capable of projecting a dazzling 16 million color schemes rather than inside the shopping center where you should be busy shopping

Warning – Do not block other shoppers while trying to get that perfect selfie and do not take selfies inside any of the outlets.

Oxford English Dictionary Crowned the word Selfie as the Word of the year in 2013. With two hundred and sixty-five million posts on Instagram using the Selfie Hashtag, and according to Phandroid.com, 93 million selfies taken daily. The Selfie has taken the world by storm, so don’t let this opportunity get passed you, capture the California Dream at Orange County California!

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